Allbutforgottenoldies.net Music News Digest: Week Of November 10, 2019

During the week of November 10, 2019, Billboard announced the Top 125 Artists of All Time, a new chart in honor of the magazine’s 125th anniversary. The Beatles took the top spot as would be expected, followed by The Rolling Stones (no. 2) and Elton John (no. 3). Paul McCartney and George Harrison also appear on this chart as solo artists, with McCartney at no. 12 and Harrison at no. 124. Other veteran acts to make this chart’s upper rankings include Barbra Streisand (no. 6), Michael Jackson (no. 7), Stevie Wonder (no. 9), Chicago (no. 10), Elvis Presley (no. 13), Rod Stewart (no. 15), Billy Joel (no. 19), Herb Alpert (no. 21), and Bruce Springsteen (no. 24).

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