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On This Day, November 20, 1995: The Beatles release 'Anthology 1'

On This Day, November 20, 1995…

The Beatles¬†released the 60-track compilation album¬†Anthology 1,¬†featuring rarities, outtakes and live performances recorded from 1958‚Äď1964.

It also included the first new Beatles song in 25 years, ‚ÄúFree as a Bird,‚ÄĚ which featured audio from a¬†John Lennon¬†demo he recorded in 1977. It¬†was given to¬†Paul McCartney,¬†George Harrison¬†and¬†Ringo Starr¬†by his widow¬†Yoko Ono¬†and the¬†trio then recorded new music that was incorporated into the song.

Anthology 1¬†reached #1 on the¬†Billboard¬†200 Albums chart and went on to be certified eight-times Platinum. ‚ÄúFree as a Bird‚ÄĚ peaked at #6 on the¬†Billboard¬†Hot 100.

Anthology 1¬†was the first in a trio of compilations.¬†Anthology 2,¬†which featured the new song “Real Love,” was released in March 1996 and¬†Anthology 3¬†was released in October 1996.

That same Lennon demo used for the new songs on the¬†Anthology¬†series was used to create the just released song ‚ÄúNow and Then,‚ÄĚ which debuted at #7 on the¬†Billboard¬†Hot 100.

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