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Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Says a Lot About Your Personality

PUMPKIN PIE – You love the warm fuzzy feelings that go with the holidays. You crave comfort, especially during this time of year. You know how to be there for people. You are generous with your time, and you can always spare a couple hours for someone. You appreciate the people you love, and the best moments of your life are when you’re sharing something special with them.


VEGETARIAN TURKEY ALTERNATIVE – You think about every action you make, and you try hard to follow your heart. You are an idealist. You care deeply about the world and the creatures that inhabit it. You have a lot of empathy. And while you have deep principles, you don’t preach about them to others. Instead, you try to set a good example. You believe that every little thing you do makes a difference, even if it’s just opting for a vegetarian meal instead of Turkey.


SWEET POTATOES – You are kind, wholesome, and considerate. You are a very well-grounded person. You get a lot of satisfaction from being responsible and working hard. You like to have all your ducks in a row. People find you very relatable and exceptionally dependable. Friends and family know that they can count on your strength. While you’re reliable, you’re not boring at all.


TURDUCKEN – A traditional Thanksgiving meal is not nearly enough to satisfy you. You have a huge appetite, and you keep eating even after you’re full. You are totally crazy and over the top. How else could you explain your love for a Turkey stuffed with a duck that’s stuffed with chicken? In life, you make bold and spontaneous moves. You don’t put a lot of thought into your actions, and some pretty outrageous thinks end up happening.


CRANBERRY SAUCE – You have broad tastes, and you are definitely not an uptight foodie. If something is yummy, you’ll eat it. So in your view, there’s nothing wrong with canned cranberry sauce. It’s a classic for a reason. You are quite cosmopolitan, but you’re never a snob. You’ve lived enough to know to be open minded about things.


MASHED POTATOES – You’re the type of person who can get along with anyone. Like mashed potatoes, you mesh well with stronger personalities. In fact, you tend to prefer to hang with those who steal the spotlight. You were never looking for the spotlight anyway. You are appreciative of everything you have in life, and you don’t take much for granted. You enjoy life’s small comforts. You are never picky, and you pride yourself on being low maintenance. You can always make the best of a bad time.


TURKEY – You are not easily distracted in life…or at Thanksgiving. You always have your eye on the prize. You don’t pay attention to unimportant details, and halfhearted Thanksgiving side dishes are barely on your radar. The main event of Thanksgiving is the turkey, and that’s really all you care about. As always, you only think big. In life, you take a similar approach. You’re able to focus on the one goal that matters. You are good at getting whatever you’re after.


STUFFING – You love the togetherness of Thanksgiving, and you like adding your own little something to the group dynamic. Like stuffing, you do a good job complementing and cooperating with others. When you’re on your own, you’re a little lost. You are old fashioned and love traditions. You like to remember the holidays of your childhood and replicate them as much as possible. You think that passing down customs is important.


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