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Check out new video for unreleased 1978 Cat Stevens song, “Butterfly”

Cat-O-Log Records/BMGA super-deluxe box set remastered version of Cat Stevens‘ 1978 album Back to Earth will be released on April 10. Ahead of the release, a video for “Butterfly,” one of two previously unheard 1978 studio recordings included in the collection, has premiered on YouTube.

The animated clip follows a tiger who travels through a jungle filled with animals before eventually making his way to a big city. The song is an upbeat, soulful, string-driven ode to a free-spirited lover.

Back to Earth was the final album Stevens released before taking a long hiatus from the music business. In 1977, he converted to Islam and, in ’78, changed his name to Yusuf Islam.

Back to Earth peaked at #33 on the Billboard 200 but didn’t feature any hit singles.

As previously reported, the Back to Earth box set features five CDs and two vinyl LPs. The first CD boasts the remastered version of the album, while disc two features the record’s original stereo mix.

The third CD features “Butterfly” and a second previously unreleased studio track, “Toy Heart,” as well as alternate mixes and versions of select songs from the album, and concert performances of four Back to Earth tunes recorded in recent years.

The fourth CD features the 1978 album Alpha Omega by David Gordon, Stevens’ brother, which Cat produced.

The fifth CD collects performances from UNICEF’s 1979 Year of the Child concert, held at London’s Wembley Arena, which was the last show the singer/songwriter played as Cat Stevens.

The two LPs featured on the box set boast the remastered version of Back to Earth and the Year of the Child concert.

The deluxe Back to Earth collection is available for purchase as part of various bundles at the Cat Stevens/Yusuf online store.

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