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Keystone Light will pay someone $10,000 for their Dog’s Picture

Keystone Light will pay someone $10,000 for putting their dog’s picture on the cans of a new raspberry lime beer. Yes, your dog could be the next Spuds MacKenzie.

The new neon-colored beer from Keystone is a raspberry-lime beer, which, to be fair, does sound keylightful. The launch arrives with a contest to find the handsome pooch that will adorn its cans for the next year. “The Search for Lil’ Breezy Keezy Contest” is going to turn someone and their pup into a pleased and wealthier duo.

Keystone will make the winning dog the Keylightful mascot for a year. The winning spokesdog’s bipedal friend will land $10,000 and a year’s supply of Keylightful. No one is going saying which of the two prizes is the one that’s super alluring, but it rhymes with Ken Bland.

There are two ways to enter your Spot, Rover, or Professor Woofenstein Youngblood. You can post a photo to Instagram with a caption about why this is the dog of the year. You’ll need to add @keystoneofficial, #searchforlilkeezy, and #contest to the post. Alternatively, you can email a photo of your dog to and tell them why your dog is tops in 100 words or less. This is your chance to prove you were right when you said your pup Charles Barkley could be a model.

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