COVID-19 Good News

More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are some more good news stories we’ve seen today . . .

1.  An anonymous person near Des Moines, Iowa bought $150 gift cards for ALL 549 households in their town, and sent them out in the mail.  They spent $82,000 total, and all of the gift cards were for three local restaurants.  So each place got over $27,000.

2.  A community in Florida used sidewalk chalk to create a life-sized Candy Land game for kids to play when they go on walks.


3.  Because of the added privacy from the lockdown, two pandas at an empty zoo in Hong Kong finally GOT IT ON for the first time in ten years.

4.  The Prime Minister of New Zealand announced yesterday that the Easter Bunny is considered an “essential worker.”  And yes, we’re pretty sure it also applies in the U.S.

5.  Jerry and Beverley Lindell live near Minneapolis.  They’ve been married 63 years.  And until last month, they’d never spent more than a day or two apart.

Jerry was rehabbing at a nursing home when the virus hit, and had to stay in quarantine for a while.  But late last month, he got released . . . just in time to surprise Beverley at home on her 84th BIRTHDAY.  He even showed up with flowers.


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