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Elton John posts his own #StepIntoChristmas TikTok video

DJM/MCA/UMeElton John‘s seasonal classic “Step Into Christmas” has been used on the social media platform TikTok as the soundtrack of a series of festive videos showing fans getting ready for the holidays.  Now, Elton and his family have posted their own take on the #StepIntoChristmas challenge.

The whole challenge apparently kicked off with YouTube star JoJo Siwa showing off her insanely over-the-top decorated house, and Elton expressing surprise that anyone could possibly out-do her video.  But many others got into the act — including dogs.

Elton’s own video is captioned, “We were so inspired by all of your amazing #StepIntoChristmas videos, we made our own!”  In the clip, we see Elton’s two young sons, Zachary and Elijah, sneaking into a room with a large wreath on the door.  Each of them emerges dressed as a Christmas elf, wearing wacky glasses inspired by their rock star dad.

Next, Elton’s husband David Furnish sneaks into the door, and he comes out dressed in a costume that makes him look like an elf being held up by Santa Claus.  Finally, Elton goes in the door and emerges dressed as Santa Claus, ringing a bell.  Then all four of them dance their way out of the frame.

Step Into Christmas” was released in 1973 as a stand-alone Elton John single and originally peaked at #24 in the U.K.  However, last year, it managed to reach number eight on the same chart.

By Andrea Dresdale
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