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Watch new music video for Tom Petty tune “Something Could Happen,” from ‘Wildflowers & All the Rest’ box set

Warner RecordsA new music video for “Something Could Happen” debuted this week on Tom Petty‘s official YouTube channel. The song is one of the previously unreleased archival Petty cuts featured on the late rock legend’s recently issued Wildflowers & All the Rest box set,

The clip, written and directed by Warren Fu, features The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan as a lonely woman who decides to de-clutter her home by discarding items from her past, including a vintage radio, a desk lamp, a mirror and a crystal heart. After she’s throws them in the trash, though, the items magically assemble themselves into a living creature that tries to get back into her home.

As the video proceeds, the woman sets up a series of unsuccessful dates online, and the creature then uses more discarded items — including a top hat like one Petty used to wear — to turn itself into a mystery date resembling Tom.

The woman and the creature enjoy a romantic evening together, but just after it leaves her home, it slips and falls to pieces. The various items are then picked up by people walking by the house, and when the woman steps outside later, the only thing remaining is the crystal heart.

Wu notes that “Something Could Happen” was one of Petty’s favorite unreleased tracks from the Wildflowers sessions, and says he wanted the video to be “another modern fairytale in the spirit of Tom’s [1991] music video for ‘Into the Great Wide Open.'”

Wu continues, “I think the message I was trying to convey is that all our experiences, the good the bad, the beautiful and the painful, make us who we are, and we should embrace them.”

The clip also features a variety of Easter eggs referencing previous Petty videos.

By Matt Friedlander
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