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ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons’ annual “Jungle Show” holiday concert in Austin, TX, going virtual this year

Credit: Rodney BursielFor the last several years, ZZ Top‘s Billy Gibbons has played a special series of late-December holiday concerts called “The Jungle Show” at the famous Austin, Texas, club Antone’s, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the live event is being replaced this year by a pre-recorded performance that will be available for streaming on New Year’s Eve.

The concert, which took place last week at Antone’s, was documented by multiple high-def cameras and high-quality audio. Gibbons was joined by his usual “Jungle Show” compadres — ex-Fabulous Thunderbirds guitarist Jimmie Vaughan, Double Trouble drummer Chris Layton, Canadian blues guitarist Sue Foley and Hammond organ player Mike Flanigin, who’s a member of Billy’s solo band.

The show will be streamed at four different times on December 31, coinciding with 8 p.m. local time on both U.S. coasts, in London and in Sydney, Australia. Tickets are available now at, and those buying tickets can view the event at any of the start times and also will be able to watch the event on-demand again for 48 hours after starting the show.

Standard tickets are priced at $25 plus sales tax, and VIP bundles also are available offering special merchandise.

“For five years consecutive we’ve looked forward to putting The Jungle Show together between Christmas and New Year’s Eve,” Gibbons notes. “It’s been a great way for all of us to cap the old year and bring in the new in rockin’ style. Despite the reality of 2020, we were determined to keep our streak going so we’ve decided to go viral — the good kind of viral — and offer The Jungle Show to the world beyond Austin.”

By Matt Friedlander
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