Rochester Opera House

Enter to Win a Pair of Tickets to see “From Sea To Shining Sea” at the Rochester Opera House!

PerSeverance Productions presents From Sea to Shining Sea, an original USO style musical comedy review covering the years of WWI, WWII and the Viet Nam War. While our great country fights through turmoil in 2019, Sea is an opportunity to sit back and celebrate the nostalgia and glory of the American experience through classic song, dance and comedy. So come on, Bill Bailey, Pack up Your Troubles and join us on a Sentimental Journey through America the Beautiful!


Performance Schedule:
Thursday, July 11 (7:30pm)
Friday, July 12 (7:30pm)
Saturday, July 13 (7:30pm)
Sunday, July 14 (5pm)
Thursday, July 18 (7:30pm)
Friday, July 19 (7:30pm)
Saturday, July 20 (7:30pm)
Sunday, July 21 (5pm)