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Are These Examples of “Micro-Cheating” Actually Cheating?

“Micro-cheating” is basically when you do small things that FLIRT with infidelity, but you never get physical. And over 100,000 people recently took a survey on what counts as micro-cheating. It isn’t included in the list but even some said that visiting websites such as and others while you have a partner could be considered cheating on the other. What do you think is classed as cheating on your loved one, apart from the obvious cheating?

See if you agree with these . . .

1. Following an ex on social media. Only 3% said it’s cheating.

2. Deleting apps like Tinder from your phone, but not deleting your account. 8% said it counts as cheating.

3. Meeting up with someone, and claiming it’s work-related when it isn’t. 54% said YES, that’s cheating. And another 42% said it’s at least suspicious.

4. Sending a heart, kiss, or wink emoji in a flirty way. Only 8% said it’s okay. 49% said it’s cheating, and another 43% would at least be concerned.

5. Having a “work wife” or “work husband.” 19% said it’s cheating. 31% said it’s fine. The other 50% said it’s not cheating, but they’d feel weird about it.

6. Staying in touch with an ex. 14% said it’s cheating.

7. Confiding in someone you’re attracted to, instead of your significant other. 25% said it’s cheating.

8. Sexting someone else, but not getting physical with them. 91% said it’s still cheating.


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