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Love The Golden Girls? Then This Sweater Is For You!

We found the item at an online retailer called Epic Sunny — a shop about which we know absolutely nothing and therefore cannot vouch for, one way or the other — but it does appear to be available at a number of other, equally unfamiliar online retailers, so it’s probably not an exclusive design or anything of that sort. It’s also available in a few different styles, including regular crew neck, hoodie, and bomber jacket, and a wide range of sizes.

Although the item itself is a sweatshirt, its print is designed to resemble that of a sweater: The broad, pink and blue stripes are adorned with the kinds of shapes and details characteristic of Fair Isle or intarsia sweaters, diamonds, snowflakes, reindeer, and checkered bands. It gets some added punch from strings of holiday lights around the wrists, upper arms, and waist — and, most importantly, Blanche’s, Rose’s, Dorothy’s, and Sophia’s bright and shining faces featured front and center. The Golden Girls logo also runs along the bottom of the garment, while smaller versions of ladies’ faces line the top.

In our eyes, this would make the PERFECT Yankee Swap Gift!


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