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Robyn Crawford discusses Whitney Houston’s drug use and Bobby Brown’s alleged abuse with Wendy Williams

Courtesy Dutton/Penguin Random House Whitney Houston‘s best friend and former assistant, Robyn Crawford, appeared Tuesday on The Wendy Williams Show, and revealed details not only about Whitney’s drug use, and also Bobby Brown‘s abusive behavior.

Robyn admitted she used cocaine with Whitney, and it escalated when they went on concert tours.

“We didn’t do that all the time,” Crawford said. “But when we started to tour it was everywhere.”

Houston married Bobby in 1992, and Robyn claims that Brown abused Whitney when she wasn’t with them.

“Bobby saved his worst behavior for when I wasn’t around,” she said of the alleged abuse. “You just never knew when he was gonna perform and that’s what I call it — performing. You know, he was gonna show out.”

Crawford is promoting her memoir, A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houstonin which she reveals she had a sexual relationship with the legendary singer. 

“We wanted to touch each other and we did one night and it was everything and we knew then that that everything was not all that would be,” Crawford said. “It was just embracing everything that we had shared.”

When Wendy hosted a nationally syndicated radio show prior to moving to television, she often criticized Whitney, leading to an expletive-filled phone interview in 2003. Robyn revealed to Wendy on Tuesday that she and Whitney were so angry with her, they plotted to confront Williams outside of her studio.

“Robyn, I can’t even fight. I would have run,” Wendy said. 

Robyn replied, “We weren’t gonna fight. We just wanted to see you face to face and have a chat.”

As the studio audience roared, Wendy responded, “I’m frightened. Oh my gosh. I dodged that bullet.”

A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston went on sale today.

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