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FREE Online Classes While Self Isolating

By now, your Netflix account is probably tired, and taking a break from the home office might be a good idea. Cheesy as it may sound, this time we’re spending at home really does offer a great opportunity to learn something new. We all have that friend that uses their spare time to do useful things, why not BE that friend? You can come out of quarantine fluent in French, or with brand new graphic design skills (resume building right now is also not a bad idea).
Here are just a few of the free classes being offered online right now.

Duolingo  – Learn a foreign language
This program is always free, but now you absolutely have the time to use it. The site is also offering a free week of Duolingo Plus, which you can try out and learn without ads. There are hundreds of languages to choose from, and if you’ve already got some basic speaking skills down, you can test into higher levels and pick up where your abilities taper off.

The Science of Well Being – from YALE
Yale University, yes, the Yale University, if offering up it’s most popular course to the public, for free! This class will help you learn how to think more productively, and be more fulfilled in your daily life. Seriosly, no downsides to this one.

Fender Play – Learn to play guitar
Legendary guitar brand Fender is offering up 3 free months of their Fender Play courses! Yes, you will need to already have a guitar to take class, but I’m sure you can order something online if you don’t. You can use these hours at home to strum away, and who knows, maybe you’ve got real talent! This skill-set will also come in handy later for entertaining (or annoying) your family and friends.

BBC Food – Become a master of the kitchen
Lets be honest, a lot of us don’t even know the kitchen basics. Forget about boning a duck (yeah, that’s a thing) some of us aren’t sure how to peel garlic! Enter the BBC. Videos and tutorials can help anyone become a better cook, and they are all done in a soothing British accent. Ahhh. now we see why people think cooking is relaxing.

Udemy – Learn pretty much anything online
Udemy offers tons of free classes, and affordable paid courses as well. Courses are organized by industry and interest. Intro classes, like this one on graphic design, are almost always free, and full courses, sometimes with hundreds of hours of instruction, are affordably priced. Free courses are a great way to try before you buy, and sample a few different skills.

Intro to Computer Science and Programming – Credit-earning course from MIT
This class doesn’t start until June 3rd, but learning computer science from MIT is like learning about film directing from Steven Spielberg. This class is totally free, and can earn you college credit, so mark your calendars. MIT also offers ongoing, and self-guided courses through edX, so browse around.

How to Win at Texas Hold’em – Also from MIT
The super-brains at MIT applied their knowledge to a more… everyday-type skill. Your friends are gonna hate you for taking this class, and their money.

Intro to Financial Accounting – Real life finance skills from Wharton
For all of those people who whine about learning Shakespeare instead of how to do your taxes, here ya go. Complain no more. (Also, don’t get us started on the significance of literary education and it’s impact on your life, because whether you accept it or not, it had one) You can now begin to understand the basics of finance, from an Ivy League school, totally for free. And, an economic education might be particuarly beneficial right now.

English for Journalists – Become the grammar police for your friend group
Berkeley (ever heard of it?) is offering free classes in how to write like a journalist. Even if you aren’t interested in journalism, this class can help you become the best Facebooker you know. Check sources, research articles, share verified information, and get that grammar and punctuation down! We would all beneft from this course, TBH.

Design and Make Infographics – your presentations are about to get awesome
This course from Michigan State is a project-centered course, which means you’ll complete an infographic on the topic of your choice as the course progresses. You can take those skills into your next presentation, or just wow famy and friends with them. Up to you!

Learning How to Learn – Start at the very beginning
This list of courses may already seem overwhelming or impossible. It may have been a long time since you were in a classroom or educational setting. That’s ok! You brain can be trained to get back into learning mode. This course can hel you get there, and then you can pick one of the many other classes we’ve found for you.

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