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Cher gets COVID-tested “all the time” to protect herself & her mom

Neil Mockford/GC ImagesCher is one celebrity who’s taking extra precautions during the pandemic, both to protect herself and her mom.

Cher tells People, “I get tested [for COVID] all the time,” noting that she has to be “very careful” around her mother, Georgia Holt, who is 93 years old.

“We have a little bubble that we’ve had all this time,” Cher says. “We wear masks, and there’s not very many of us. It’s my sister, my brother-in-law, my mom, my assistant. And we stay far apart from each other.”

The legendary singer adds, “I have to be careful too because I have asthma, I’m 74, and I have different health problems.”  She didn’t elaborate on what those health problems are.

Despite working hard to stay safe, Cher’s actually worked a lot this year, even though her tour was put on hold by the pandemic.  In addition to helping rescue an elephant and relocate him to a sanctuary in Cambodia — a journey that was captured on film by the Smithsonian Channel — she also recorded a song for her pal Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign. 

In addition, you can hear her an animated version of Cher in the new film Bobbleheads: The Movie, which is now on Netflix.

“I didn’t realize that I would be working so much, not being on the road,” she says. “I like being on the stage, so that took a little bit of getting used to. But then all of a sudden I was doing all kinds of things. I didn’t plan to. It just allowed itself to happen.”

Cher also notes, “As the things came my way, you do what comes your way.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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