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Gloria Estefan reveals she had COVID-19 after dining outdoors

Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesGloria Estefan has revealed that she was diagnosed with COVID-19 after eating at an outdoor Miami restaurant with her family recently.

In an Instagram video, the singer says she tested positive on November 8, days after the dining experience.

“October 30 was the only day I ever went out,” Gloria explains. “I was wearing my mask and I went to a restaurant outdoors with some family. We wore masks all the way to the table and when we left. But [at the restaurant] somebody came up to me when I was eating and tapped me on the shoulder. They had no mask and were very close.”

She believes this is when she became infected. She experienced mild symptoms, such as loss of taste and smell and a cough, and is now recovered after spending two weeks in isolation on the second floor of her home.

“The doctor said that maybe I got a very low viral dose, which may be why the symptoms were like that, not so difficult,” she says, also crediting her strong immune system and vitamin intake as possible reasons why she was so lucky.

Gloria added that she was sharing her story to show people just how contagious the virus is.

“I know we are kind of in a very big spike in Miami. It’s tough here now,” she says. “…Please, everybody, wear your masks, try to stay 6 feet away and protect yourselves.”

By Andrea Tuccillo
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