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Steve Perry appears on new song by Levara, a new band featuring Toto guitarist Steve Lukather’s son, Trev

L to R: Josh Devine, Jules Galli, producer Ethan Kaufmann, Steve Perry, Trev LukatherEx-Journey singer Steve Perry has lent his vocal talents to a new song called “Chameleon” by Levara, a band featuring Toto guitarist Steve Lukather‘s son, Trev.

Perry, who is a longtime friend of Trev’s, sang backing vocals and also contributes to a group-vocal segment on the soaring track, which gets released today digitally and via streaming services. Lukather tells ABC Audio that Steve also is featured on three other songs that will appear on Levara’s forthcoming debut album, due out this spring.

“Perry, who was a huge presence on this record, brought a lot to the table on this track,” Trev explains in a statement. “He brought his legendary powerhouse vocals on the [background vocals] and group vocals. He and I built the epic bridge solo together. He even sang on top of the guitar solo melody. It was a spiritual experience making this song and it has such a spiritual meaning to it.”

A companion music video for “Chameleon” also debuted today, at Levara’s YouTube channel. The clip features cameo appearances by 40 of Levara’s friends and family members, including Steve Lukather, Toto frontman Joe Williams and famed MTV VJ Matt Pinfield.

“The video we made for ‘Chameleon’ shows how we all blend together,” Trev says. “We all have our unique qualities and they are beautiful, we are beautiful. Truly showing we are one race, the human race. We had our close friends from all different backgrounds come by and sing a pass through the song…The song brought nothing but connection, happiness and love out of everyone that took the time to be a part of it.”

Levara features Lukather on guitar, Jules Galli on lead vocals and Josh Devine on drums. “Chameleon” was preceded by another advance single from the band’s upcoming album, “Heaven Knows.”

By Matt Friedlander
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