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Missed Again: Phil Collins lawsuit to proceed without his ex’s “outrageous” claims about him

Per Ole Hagen/RedfernsPhil Collins and his ex-wife are still locked in a legal battle over Phil’s Miami mansion, but it will go forward without mention of the disparaging claims that his ex, Orianne Cevey, has made about him.

Page Six reports that a judge ruled Wednesday afternoon that things Orianne has said about Phil could be “stricken with prejudice” from the suit, because they were irrelevant to the former couple’s dispute over the mansion.

“These are outrageous statements that I’m not going to repeat,” attorney Brandon Carrington said, according to Page Six.  In court papers claiming that Phil had promised to give her half of the $40 million home, Orianne had made “scandalous” allegations about the drummer’s physical and mental health, as well as his personal hygiene.

Phil initially said Orianne’s claims were an attempt at extortion, and pointed out that he couldn’t possibly in the bad shape she said he was, because he’s currently in the U.K. rehearsing for a 2021 Genesis tour.

The judge also ruled that Orianne should sit for a deposition in the case, but that probably won’t take place until January.

As previously reported, after divorcing years ago, Phil and Orianne, who share two sons, had reunited.  However, they broke up after Orianne told him in July there was another man — and she’d secretly married him in August. 

Phil then told Orianne and her new hubby to get out of the Miami house so he could sell it, but she initially refused to leave. After he attempted to evict them, they agreed to depart in January.

By Andrea Dresdale
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