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Ace Frehley releases holiday vinyl edition of ‘Origins Vol. 2,’ animated video for “I’m Down” cover

Entertainment OneAce Frehley is getting in the Christmas spirit by offering a new limited-edition, half-red and half-green colored-vinyl version of his latest solo album, the covers collection Origins Vol. 2.

The two-disc set is available now and can be ordered at Each LP is half translucent ruby red and half emerald green. A special, pricier bundle also can be purchased that includes a Christmas card signed by Frehley.

In celebration of the holiday edition of Origins Vol. 2, Ace has debuted an animated video for his rendition of The Beatles‘ “I’m Down,” which was released as the album’s second single in September.

The clip is a sequel to the video for Frehley’s cover of Deep Purple‘s “Space Truckin’,” the first single issued from Origins Vol. 2. Both animated clips follow Ace’s interplanetary adventures with his solo band and his sidekick teddy bear, Space Bear.

The new video begins with Space Bear being chased through New York City by a group of Martians and crazed Frehley fans. The bear eventually finds Ace and the band members hiding, and — after a quick cartoon cameo from guitarist John 5, who plays a solo on the song — they proceed to climb the Chrysler building, Batman-style.

When Frehley and company reach the top of the skyscraper, they’re greeted by more alien creatures, a policeman who resembles Cheap Trick‘s Robin Zander, and a newspaper reporter. Ace, his band and Space Bear then hop into helicopter but as it lifts off, it’s grabbed by a giant King Kong-like alien.

Frehley suddenly wakes up in a Holiday Inn hotel room in 1978 with Gene Simmons in the bathroom having some kind of explosive urinary issue. As the video ends, Paul Stanley enters the room and quips, “Room service?”

By Matt Friedlander
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